How To Recover Deleted Files From Android

You can recover deleted files from android phone easily after reading this full guide. Android phone is much popular gadget nowadays, everybody loves their Android phone and keeps it always in his/her touch. Android is spreading its importance and now every person have an Android mobile. Android device is very useful for everyone we use it in good way, otherwise if you are misusing Android phone then it’s worst thing which can destroy your life.

Mostly people use their Android device in using Social networking sites & apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram. Mostly youngsters spread their much time on their Android mobile phone in using social sites and listening music. Some people also use their android in storing their important files and folders so that they can access them anytime through their android device. It makes our work more easy and fast. But what if your Android device get formatted by mistake ? Your all data and files got deleted,  and you feels nervous, tired and worry about your files which are too important.How To Recover Deleted Files From Android

But you don’t have to worry about this problem because nothing is impossible in this world. You are able to recover your deleted files and folders from Android device. There are so many ways and method are available to recover deleted files from android but mostly from them can’t works. So today in this article, we are going to sharing top 2 best methods to recover deleted files from android. All these 2 methods are tested my me and all are working. Here are 2 methods from which in first method you need PC and in second method can be used direct from Android device. You can easily recover all deleted files from android by these methods. Just follow out all the steps carefully yo recover deleted data from android phone.

Why You Need To Recover Deleted Files From Android?

Many persons store their important files and folders in their Android phone because by this, they are able to access them anytime, anywhere. But sometimes unfortunately our important files get deleted due to any issue. Now what to do? After that we have to recover them in any conditions, as they are very important for us. Many people searched on google about how to recover deleted files from Android and are able to restore them easily. So I am also going to sharing two best methods to recover deleted files from Android in a click. Follow all the steps given below carefully to restore your all deleted files and folders in your Android phone.

How To Recover Deleted Files From Android With PC

1st Method (With PC) : Using 7 Data Android Recovery Software 

It is one of the best company which develops and provide apps and data recovery software & apps and helps us in recovering deleted files and folders from PC and Android. In this method we are using 7 Data Android Recovery software to recovering our deletes files from android phone. Let’s follow these steps.

1) First of all download 7 Data Android Recovery software.

2) Install it in your PC/Laptop.

3) Now start USB Debugging mode in your Android device from -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> Now Tick Mark on USB Debugging option.

4) Connect your Android device to your PC by USB cable and open 7 Data Android Recovery software in PC.

5) Wait for a while till software detect your device, after it get connected click on green “Next” button.

6) After clicking on Next, it will start scanning your all files and folders from Android device.

7) Now it shows list of some files and folder, these are files which are deleted from your android mobile.

8) Select files and folders from list which you want to recover and finally click on “Save” button.

9) It will start recovering & saving your selected deleted files, after some minutes is will save your all files into your PC.

Done, Enjoy your all deleted files are recovered successfully. This is the method of recovering delete files from android through 7 data android recovery software. In this method you need PC or Laptop but it is more fast and easy method for recovering deleted files and folders of your Android mobile. Now in second method I am going to sharing how to recover deleted files from android directly. In second method I will share an app by which also you can recover your deleted files from Android.

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2nd Method (With Android) : Using Dumpster Android App

In first method I described about how to recover deleted files from android by PC in which we used 7 data android recovery software. But id you don’t have PC/Laptop, then you can try our this method in which you don’t need any PC or Laptop for recovering your deleted file and folders. Here is an android app by which you can recover your deleted data direct from android. Let’s follow these steps.

1) First of all download Dumpster app from Play Store.

2) Install and Open Dumpster app in your Android device.

3) Click on “Refresh” icon from top right in app.

4) After clicking on Refresh Icon, it will show you all deleted files on screen.

5) Long press on any file which you want to preview or restore.

6) Click on “Preview“, if you want to preview file before restoring it.

7) And finally click on “Restore” button to recover file in your Android mobile.

8) After clicking on Restore button, your file successfully get saved in your Android device.

Enjoy your deleted files. This is the method/trick to restore deleted files from android. You don’t need any PC or Laptop in this method, you can directly recover your deleted files and folders from your Android device by using Dumpster app.

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Final Words

So friends these are the 2 methods for recovering deleted files from android phone. We mentioned two methods one needs PC and another is direct method for Android. But we recommend to use First method in which you need PC or Laptop because in that one, you can scan and recover all deleted files and folders in a single click whereas in second one, you need to click on each file to restore it. So first method is more easy and fast. You can easily recover your all lost data from your Android device by these two top methods. I hope my article is helpful for you. If you have any query or problem, feel free to comment below. We will reply you shortly.

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